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PowerShell Script – Propagating legacy Document IDs into SharePoint

This PowerShell script is for propagating legacy Document IDs into SharePoint. This is great if you are moving existing documents to SharePoint where you want to retain the Document Id. SharePoint let’s you configure the format of Document Id’s so that going forward any new documents will have a consistent format. For more info on configuring the Document Id format see Tobias Zimmergren’s great article. Where this script comes in, is that you can retain the existing document id on these document as they are migrated into SharePoint, should help keep users happy. All credit for the script goes to Joel Plaut.


How to Convert A SharePoint 2010 Web App from Classic Mode Authentication to Claims Mode

Today I found myself in the following scenario; I had created a new Web Application with an authentication type of Claims Mode, and just using Windows Integrated Authentication (NTLM). I then extended the web application to a new zone (on which I was going to enabled Forms based authentication). To my surprise, when I tried to set the Authentication Provider I wasn’t given any option other than Windows Integrated, it looked more like the Web App was in Classic Mode authentication. Running the PowerShell below on the URL of my extended zone gave me the option in SharePoint to select Forms Based authentication as I was expecting.

$App = get-spwebapplication “http://vs-server95:102”

$app.useclaimsauthentication = “True”




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